Childrens Dentistry

Childrens Dentistry

Childrens’ Dentistry

At Church View Dental Care we encourage parents to bring children as soon as their first tooth comes through. You may also bring them along to your dental check up appointments to get them used to the environment, increasing their chance of a positive experience and growing up unafraid of the dentist.

What should you expect on a first visit?

Your child’s first appointment is all about understanding their dental health and helping parents learn how best to care for your child’s teeth. We will discuss dental habits, diet and medical history. Our aim is for your child to be decay free and be unafraid of the dentist.

Top tips for healthy teeth

  1. Brush teeth twice a day at least 30 minutes after breakfast and before bedtime, consider a timer.
  2. Retain the toothpaste, do not rinse with water
  3. Consider a tooth brushing chart to aid motivation
  4. Limit the frequency of snacks and drinks – ideally limit to four times per day

If you’re the parent of a young child we recommend that you supervise and support your child’s tooth brushing so that they learn how to clean their teeth properly themselves up to the age of 7 years old.