Sports gumshields, also known as mouthguards are worn to protect the teeth when playing contact sports. They should be worn by both adults and children. The most common sports that they are needed to be worn for are rugby, hockey, and some martial arts. If you have had complex dentistry done, your dentist may recommend one for other sports to ensure no damage occurs.

Why should you wear a mouthguard for sports?

  1. Gumshields help protect the teeth, gums, and surrounding tissues from injuries and impacts during sports activities.
  2. They provide a cushioning effect that helps absorb and disperse the force of a blow, reducing the risk of tooth fractures or loss.
  3. They can also help in preventing jaw fractures by providing support and stability to the jaw during impacts.
  4. Gumshields help protect the lips, tongue, and cheeks from cuts, bruises, and other injuries caused by accidental bites.
  5. While not a complete solution, gumshields may help reduce the risk of concussions by absorbing some of the impact force.
  6. Custom-made gumshields provide a snug fit tailored to the individual’s mouth, offering better protection and comfort compared to standard or boil-and-bite models.
  7. In many sports and schools, wearing a gumshield is a mandatory safety requirement.
  8. Investing in a quality gumshield can potentially save money in the long run by avoiding costly dental treatments for injuries. A chipped tooth in childhood is likely to cost several hundred to thousand pounds to maintain over a patients lifetime.

Can I buy a mouthguard from a sports shop?

It’s important to note that not all gumshields are created equal. The typical boil in the bag guards only come in a few set sizes which commonly will not fit appropriately. If the guards are not closely fitting to the teeth and gums, the benefits of wearing them are reduced.

We would always recommend a custom fit gumshield for all contact sports regardless of the patient’s age and to have it replaced as the young patient’s dentition develops. For maximum effectiveness, it’s recommended to have a custom-fitted mouthguard made by a dental professional. This ensures the best fit and protection tailored to the individual athlete’s needs.

How much do sports mouthguards cost?

Please note sports mouthguards are not available on the NHS. Your dentist will be able to advise of the costs associated with having a sports mouthguard made. We offer gumshields in a variety of colours and styles. You can choose a single colour or mix and match for a striped design.